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Early Childhood Education (PAUD) is the most fundamental education in preparing children in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, as a determinant of children's development in the future. PAUD must be planned holistically so that the golden age of child development gets a complete stimulation to develop the various potentials of the child.

To optimize this golden age, PAUD Widiatmika uses the 2013 PAUD National Curriculum by prioritizing religious and moral values, physical-motor, cognitive, linguistic, socio-emotional, and artistic, which are reflected in the balance of competence in attitudes, knowledge, and skills. The learning approach is scientific. Children are given the understanding to recognize and understand various materials using a scientific method, with a learning atmosphere created to encourage them to discover different information through observation. Therefore, PAUD Widiatmika invites parents to optimize their golden age of growth by choosing an education that suits their intellectual development.

With the learning method through play, with a repetitive, gradual, integrated basis and using the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) method, children are taught to think comprehensively, that focuses on aspects of collaboration, communication, research, finding solutions, thinking critical and creative. This will create an independent learning education and create children ready to enter elementary school, cheerful, intelligent, creative, innovative, and highly competitive.

In addition, PAUD Widiatmika also provides opportunities for every parent to follow every activity and development given by the teachers with weekly reports that we deliver to parents every Friday. This is done to create a continuity between the school and parents to maximize their children's intelligence process and growth and development.

The nine bits of children's intelligence that we always emphasize to develop optimally are religious, natural, intrapersonal and extra personal development, gestures, language, mathematics, music, and spatial. To maximize the growth of these nine bits of intelligence, we have various program activities, namely:

  • All about Indonesia
  • Montessori class
  • brain gym
  • Yoga exercise
  • Cooking class
  • Student camp
  • Market Day
  • Cultural and Religious Day Celebration
  • Outing Class
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Music (Baleganjur/Balinese Traditional Music)
  • Painting


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  • PAUD/Kindergarden Widiatmika

  • SD/Elementary Widiatmika

  • SMP/Junior Widiatmika

  • SMA/Senior Widiatmika

  • SMK/Vocational Widiatmika