Widiatmika School

Sat, 15 Oct 2022

Collaborating with SDLB 1 Badung through Pendet Dance, SD Widiatmika Wants to Create an Attitude of Tolerance

JIMBARAN - SD Widiatmika and SDLB 1 Badung collaborated in a Pendet dance performance on Thursday, October 6, 2022. This collaborative program is a form of collaboration between dance extracurriculars at SD Widiatmika and SDLB 1 Badung.


The principal of Widiatmika Elementary School, I Putu Edi Purwanta, said that this collaboration started with the presence of a driving teacher in the two schools.

"From the agreement between the two schools, then a Pendet dance performance was presented at the Kanthi Widya Widiatmika Hall," said Edi.

This activity was held to create an attitude of mutual respect, where Widiatmika Elementary School students understand that children with special needs can do things that ordinary people do in general.

"And vice versa, where SDLB students can get space, so they can do the same things as normal people," he said.

The Pendet dance performance was also broadcasted through the Widiatmika Elementary School's Youtube channel, hoping the general public could witness and appreciate the results of this collaboration.

Edi said that this collaboration between schools would not stop there. Furthermore, the collaboration will be planned in terms of technology-based learning.

"It doesn't stop here. We will collaborate with SDLB related to IT learning, especially in digital design," said Edi.


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