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Tue, 07 Feb 2023

SD Widiatmika Futsal Team Wins the Dwijendra Cup

BUALU – The Widiatmika Elementary School Jimbaran Futsal Teawon significantly at the Dwijendra Cup event hosted by SMP Dwijendra Bualu on January 20-21, 2023, earning them the coveted Dwijendra Cup.

"This is a prestigious achievement for our futsal team at Widiatmika Elementary School. We won the rotating cup at Dwijendra for the 4-6 grade team and came in second place for grades 1-3," said I Komang Dwijana, the Widiatmika Elementary Sports Teacher.

The victory brings pride to Widiatmika Elementary School as another school has held the Dwijendra Cup for the past four years. Widiatmika fielded five players in the rotation and four backups during the tournament. All five games they participated in resulted in wins, with satisfying scores.

"During the match, it was very competitive, and we fought hard through every game until we finally won in the final," said Dwijana. 

The team won every match they participated in, starting with a 4-0 win against SDN 4 Jimbaran, followed by a 7-0 win against SD Mutiara. They also beat SDN 5 Benoa with a score of 5-0, defeated SD Soverdi 2-1, and beat SDN 3 Benoa 5-2.

The Widiatmika futsal team consistently practices on Wednesdays and Sundays at 16.00 WITA and additional practice during extracurricular activities every Thursday. In training, Dwijana focuses on ball possession, reading the opponent's strategy, and playing together.

This victory adds to the team's list of prestigious achievements, including first place at JB School in 2018 and earning the titles of best player, best goalkeeper, and the best coach. In 2021, they placed third in the futsal competition at SMP Dwijendra and won first place in the Freedom Futsal event for grades 1-3 and 4-6 in 2022.

The Widiatmika futsal team does not want to become complacent and intends to continue training for future tournaments. 

"We will continue to train diligently, participate in every existing tournament, and aim for even more achievements," said Dwijana. 

The Widiatmika Futsal Team is determined to make the school and the people of Jimbaran proud.



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