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Thu, 09 Feb 2023

Widiatmika High School Team Won 1st Place in the Bali Province Scientific Writing Competition

DENPASAR - The year 2023 brings happiness to Widiatmika School in terms of achievements. After the Widiatmika Elementary School futsal team won the Dwijendra Cup futsal tournament, the Widiatmika High School team won 1st place in a scientific writing competition at SMA Negeri 7 Denpasar. This scientific paper discusses social life and environmental pollution management and is held for the Bali provincial level.

Three students: I Kadek Putra Mahendra, Kadek Arlyatha Anantha, and Nadya Jasmine Nada Wijaya. One of the participants, Putra Mahendra, explained that their scientific paper raised the benefits of Moringa leaves for wastewater treatment. This research is entitled "Biofilm and Biobeads from Moringa Oleifera Leave as Bioadsorbents in Environmentally Friendly Wastewater Treatment."

Putra Mahendra stated that they conducted 11 guidance and revisions and 16 trials to produce good writing.

"For our presentation, there is no problem because we are used to it and react flexibly," he said.

On January 28, 2023, they presented in front of two judges and showcased their products to visitors who attended the exhibition.

"There were 27 participants from all over Bali, so we are delighted to achieve this. We will continue to develop our ideas and look for sponsors to help develop them," said Putra Mahendra.

They also admit that they will continue to look for new ideas and utilize the things around them to maintain their achievements.

The head of Widiatmika High School, I Made Suadnyana, said the school would always support students to excel. The school will also facilitate students to realize product prototypes that are made so that there are real works that can be utilized. Suadnyana also added that schools would continue to play a role in establishing cooperation with parties willing to sponsor student research.

"We always reinforce by giving priority space to these students to display their work," said Suadnyana.

In addition, schools also play a role in establishing cooperation with parties willing to sponsor student research so that the work can be developed into valuable products for society.

Putra Mahendra said that in making this scientific paper, he and his group colleagues provided guidance and revision to produce maximum writing. Students are also determined to continue developing their ideas and look for sponsors to help develop these ideas.

With the enthusiasm and hard work of students, the school, and the support of relevant parties, it is not difficult for Widiatmika School to continue to make achievements and make its name proud. The achievements made by the students of this school are proof that Widiatmika School is a school that has talented and potential students.


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