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Thu, 03 Nov 2022

Zweila Ashanti, Widiatmika High School Student Wins 2nd Place in the 2022 JB Cup Badminton Event

DENPASAR - Widiatmika High School, Jimbaran once again showed the talents of its students who made achievements in sports events. This time, a student named Zweila Ashanti won 2nd place in the JB Cup Badminton event in 2022. JB School Bali held this tournament on 17-19 October 2022.

The extracurricular badminton builder who is also a PJOK teacher at SMA Widiatmika, I Kadek Kusuma Mandala Putra, said that in this event, SMA Widiatmika sent two representatives, namely Zweila Ashanti and Varel Ardis Kosali.

Zweila Ashanti, still in class XII MIPA, won 2nd place in the high school women's singles category.

Mandala was added for the men's singles category; there were 8 participants in the SMA men's singles category, where Varel Ardis Kosali was in it. Meanwhile, for the women's singles category, 3 participants participated in the high school women's singles category.

"We have been preparing a month in advance. And for the championship, we took an additional schedule three days before the match," said Mandala Putra when contacted on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

During the training process, Mandala emphasized the physical because the two students already had a pretty good background in this sport. In addition, he also focuses on making his students reliable in the technique of placing punches.

Mandala Putra said Zweila won three points in the match. For Zweila, this is the first time she has participated in the same competition. Mandala hopes that Zweila Ashanti and Varel Ardis Kosali will continue to train harder.


"We also continue to motivate other students. Because there may be some students ready to participate," he said.

Mandala also requested that his students not only use the extracurricular schedule for practice but could practice independently.



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