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Wed, 05 Oct 2022

Competing with Participants from Five Star Hotels, Widiatmika Vocational School Students Win Diploma Positions in the FHTB Event

JIMBARAN - One of the students of SMK Widiatmika Jimbaran contributed a proud achievement to the school. A student named Angelene Sherryl Setiawan won a Diploma category in the Food, Hotel, and Tourism Bali (FHTB) competition in the Bali Culinary Professionals competition at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC).

This activity was held in September 2022, and Sherryl participated in the Elegant Stylish Wedding Cake competition. There were two categories in the event, and Sherryl chose Elegant Stylish Wedding Cake because it can be made and designed at home.

"Because if I choose a direct competition, the time is a bit tight; the preparation is only two days before the competition. The competition is on Wednesday; the list is only on Monday," she said.

In the competition, Sherryl was the only participant who was still a student. At the same time, the other participants were already working in five-star hotels and came from Malaysia.


"According to the jury's direction, for the basics, it is good. But have to be more prepared, even if it could take a year. However, from the assessment for those under 25 years of age, it is considered good to get the diploma winner category," she said.


Last year, Sherryl also participated in a culinary competition at Jimbaran Hub and won first place. At that time, she participated in a match in the field of cake decoration.


Sherryl's mother, Susan Setiawan, said she always directs her child based on her interests and talents. And in the IX grade of junior high school, the child began to show interest in the culinary field.


"Starting from learning to make plain bread with simple equipment, the bread is sold. Then I guided her to choose the culinary department with several considerations," she said.


Meanwhile, the Head of the Widiatmika Vocational School, I Gede Inten, said the school supports students' creativity to excel. 


He added that Widiatmika Vocational School has an Achievement Guidance program for students, which is held every Wednesday. In addition, there are extracurricular activities for students to develop their achievements.


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