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Wed, 28 Dec 2022

Widiatmika Vocational School Principal's Performance Assessment, Supervision Management and Means Get Maximum Scores

JIMBARAN - The Bali Provincial Education Office evaluated the performance of the principal of Widiatmika Jimbaran Badung Vocational School on Monday, December 12, 2022. Supervisors from the Bali Provincial Education Office carried out this assessment.


The two supervisors who were involved in this evaluation were Drs. I Gusti Made Bawasuarya, M.Pd., and Drs. I, Wayan Wijana. The aspects included in the assessment are school management and supervision.


The head of Widiatmika Vocational School, I Gede Inten, stated that the assessment involved the school principal and all elements of the school, including teachers, staff, students, and parents.


"All of this is combined with the performance of teachers, employees, students, and parents who support this assessment," he said.


He also said that students felt that the program implemented at Widiatmika Vocational School had gone well, and the level of student satisfaction was to the school's program plan. Supervisors and facility management in this assessment each get the maximum score.


In this assessment, two categories still need attention for maximum scores: the absorption of graduates into industry or business and business development in schools.


"For the absorption capacity of graduates, the hope is that more will be absorbed in the world of entrepreneurship and the industrial world because SMKs are taught to be ready to work," said Inten.


Currently, around 80% of SMK Widiatmika graduates go on to tertiary education. Widiatmika Vocational School will continue to complete the facilities and infrastructure. In addition, it will maximize the school business sector and optimize data absorption in the industrial and entrepreneurial world.


"We will optimize with the industrial world related to absorption," he concluded.



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