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Thu, 09 Feb 2023

Competing with High School Students, Middle School Student Widiatmika Achieves the Bali Kana Taikai Competition

DENPASAR – Widiatmika Middle School students proved that they could compete with high school participants by winning brilliant achievements in the Kana Taikai competition at the Bali province level. This competition was held on February 4, 2023, as part of the SISMA Competition Title event (GELASIS), which took place at SMAN 7 Denpasar.

One of the students, Cok Istri Mutiara Gayatri Widhiana, placed third in the competition among the 23 junior high and high school level participants who competed for the championship.

I Wayan Nastra, the Japanese language extracurricular supervisor, explained that the Kana Taikai competition is a contest for writing Japanese Katakana and Hiragana characters. Contestants had to answer various types of questions using the Kana letters.

"All questions must be answered using the Kana letters, and the assessment includes neatness and writing, not just accuracy," said Nastra. The types of questions included riddles, listening, and picture guessing.

Despite the short notice on January 18, Mutiara Gayatri trained for two weeks in preparation for the competition.

"The training was quite short, but the students already had basic writing skills because they were Japanese language extracurricular participants at school," Nastra added.

The students also practiced at home and school in the week leading up to the competition. As a Class IX3 student, Mutiara studied Hiragana in the odd semester and focused on Katakana writing in the even semester.

"They were taught the stages of writing, memorizing strokes, and practicing good shapes in Japanese, as well as being trained in listening and pronouncing vocabulary," Nastra said.

Nastra is confident that future successors will continue to be trained to maintain and improve their champion status at Widiatmika Middle School.



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