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Fri, 23 Sep 2022

Widiatmika Junior High School Now Has a Digital Library, Implementing a Driving School

JIMBARAN - SMP Widiatmika now has a digital library that students can access for free. This program has been implemented since Monday, 19 September 2022.

Various collections of reading books and textbooks are available in this digital library. To access it, students only need to download the Library application on the Playstore and Appstore.


Deputy Principal for Public Relations of Widiatmika Middle School, Grace Sidabutar, said that this digital library's application supported the literacy program.


"In addition to students coming to the school library and reading books manually, they can also read in this digital library," said Grace.

By using a digital library, students can borrow and read books by first creating an account via the application. The librarian will then grant access to the report.

For now, students can only borrow one book with a loan period of seven days.

In the early stages of implementation, there are 299 book collections in the Widiatmika Middle School digital library. At the same time, the number of users is 293 people, including students and teachers.


"The implementation of this digital library will continue to be encouraged because it is expected to foster interest in reading or literacy habits of students at SMP Widiatmika," she said.


Grace added that students who actively borrow and read books would receive an award from the school because every book borrowed and read will be recorded automatically in this application.


"The system is the same as in a conventional library at school; students who are active and often read or borrow books will get awards," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Widiatmika Middle School, Agus Suastika Adiputra, added that the implementation of this digital library is the essence of the Driving School, namely improving student learning outcomes in literacy, numeracy, and character competencies.

"In improving and strengthening the Widiatmika Digital Literacy Program program, we consider it necessary to develop a digital library at Widiatmika Middle School to make it easier for students to access the school library," he said.



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