Widiatmika School


School Profile

Character education is the main focus of learning at SD Widiatmika. With this commitment, SD Widiatmika which got an A (excellent) accreditation score was selected as a 2013 Curriculum Piloting School, as a National Quality Cultured School in 2016, 2017, and 2018, as well as a Character Education Piloting School (PPK) by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture since 2016.

Learning at SD Widiatmika is carried out with an integrated thematic approach that integrates various competencies from various subject matter into the theme. SD Widiatmika always familiarizes with a positive culture by looking at the characteristics of different students and using a scientific approach so that students learn contextually and are able to think scientifically. To support students' competence, additional lesson content such as Japanese and English are also provided, and a number of additional activities such as co-curricular, extracurricular, and outing classes.



The teachers have bachelor's and master's qualifications, certified educators, qualified as driving teachers to support the quality of the learning process at SD Widiatmika. The education that we provide highly values child-friendly and student-centered learning which emphasizes the basic attitudes, knowledge, and skills based on presenting facts in the learning process in accordance with the developmental stage of children who are in the concrete operational period so that later ready to continue to secondary education level.


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  • PAUD/Kindergarden Widiatmika

  • SD/Elementary Widiatmika

  • SMP/Junior Widiatmika

  • SMA/Senior Widiatmika

  • SMK/Vocational Widiatmika