Widiatmika School


School Profile

Widiatmika Junior High School facilitates and supports the growth and development of the potential of each student by implementing the Indonesia K-13 Curriculum.

Through the vision of "having a good character, achiever, skilled, and having multicultural knowledge based on the national culture," Widiatmika Junior High School is always adaptive to the rapid changes in the education field amid the progress of science and technology. 


In the implementation, our learning process uses a constructivist approach with various learning models such as Scientific, Inquiry, Problem-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, and Cooperative Learning. Those learning models integrate with technology in the learning process, 21st-century skills, school literacy movement, and strengthening character education programs.

SMP Widiatmika also supports the Freedom of Learning program from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture by strengthening the students' stages of thinking at the formal operational level. 

By achieving the integrated learning process, skills, and strengthening the character education, Widiatmika Junior High School can create faithful, devoted, have a noble character, creative, collaborative, independent, and has critical thinking generations. 


  • PAUD/Kindergarden Widiatmika

  • SD/Elementary Widiatmika

  • SMP/Junior Widiatmika

  • SMA/Senior Widiatmika

  • SMK/Vocational Widiatmika